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6 TED Talks That Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind


6 TED Talks That Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind

6 TED Talks That Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind

TED Talks are 15-20 minute long seminars/monologs where a speaker will talk about a global, social, economic or technological problem or idea.

Often the speakers will talk about something they’ve experienced in life worth sharing.

It’s no surprise that TED’s slogan would represent just that, calling their slogan: “Ideas Worth Spreading”.

I’m sure most of you guys have heard of TED Talks. If you haven’t, you’ve been missing out on some good stuff. I’m an absolute fan of TED and have probably watched over 50 of their videos during the past 2 years, that I keep in my bookmark folder to rewatch from time to time. Last time I checked, I believe they had about 2000+ videos on their YouTube channel. And those are just “TED” videos. There’s also such a thing as TEDx videos. TEDx was created to support independent organizers giving them a TED-like experience. It’s pretty much the same concept, just different type of audience, speakers and budget.

These videos are absolutely worth spreading, so that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I dove into my personal TED Talk collection and chose a handful of videos that have stuck with me over time.

All of these videos are absolutely amazing and have inspired me so much over the years. They’re philosophical, motivational, inspirational and feel extremely refreshing each time I watch them. I sometimes just watch the same videos over and over again, simply because they’re just so good. They’re especially helpful when I feel stuck with something. Maybe a project I’m working on, or just life in general. Each time I watch a video – which isn’t that often, because I try to keep them for special occasions – it gives me an emotional boost.

As mentioned earlier, TED Talks has a YouTube channel where I’ve spend hours and hours listening to people share their stories. It truly is inspiring. Some of them just really stick out and I absolutely had to share with you guys. Feel free to check out their YouTube channel. Careful though, their videos are addicting!

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Without further ado, let’s have a look at 6 incredible TED Talk videos.

  1. Why We Do What We Do – Tony Robbins

This was one of the first and earliest TED Talks I could find. Tony Robbins has another video on YouTube where he explains his first TED experience from his own point of view while doing the TED Talk. He mentioned he was caught off guard when he saw Al Gore was in the audience. There are a few beautiful moments when Tony tries to prove a point while using even the most successful people as a perfect example, hoping to get a message across.

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Mind you, this room was filled with successful entrepreneurs and investors. The last thing they needed was motivation, so don’t mistaken for Tony as a motivational speaker in this video. Even though a lot of people see TED talks as inspirational videos and Tony Robins as a motivational guru, he rather refers to himself simply as the “Why guy”. He asks successful people to ask themselves “why” they do what they do. It can be on a professional or social level. It will become more clear once you watch the video. Just go ahead and check out the first few seconds. I’m sure you’ll get hooked and want to watch the entire thing.

Check out Robbins’ latest best seller book “Money Master The Game“.

2. Taking A Leap – Tah Riq Amawi

This was the very first TED talk video I ever saw and it just absolutely blew me away. It’s a bit of a long story, but it absolutely took my breath away and kept me interested for the entire duration. Unlike Tony Robbins’ video, this one kind of has a long intro and makes you wonder at the beginning, “where is he going with this”? The story takes an interesting turn and it honestly only started to get interesting towards 1/4 of the video.

I wouldn’t skip any part of it though, as every single detail is important and will make sense at the end of the video. This is the kind of TED talk where you just can’t explain with words what his message is. It’s something you have to see and hear for yourself for it to make sense.

If you like these videos, feel free to check out my “Motivation” category where I continuously will keep on writing more articles on awesome things you should check out!

3. Why You Will Fail To Have A Great Career – Larry Smith

This video is absolutely amazing, and at some times even funny. Larry explains to us why some of us are okay with having a good career, rather then having a great career. He also convinces us that even though we are aiming for a great career, we will most likely fail to obtain it. He’s a pretty interesting guy and at first you may just say he looks like he’s a little bit crazy. You may also not agree with his explanation, but after finishing the entire video I found this one to be pretty mind blowing compared to the other videos.

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Most of the TED talks are about success and issues, but nowhere have I ever seen such a video that touches such a personal topic concerning every member of the audience and every viewer. I feel like this video is a video every one feels involved in. You know how sometimes the hosts will talk about their own story or issue they’ve faced and show us what we could learn from it? Not Larry, because he involves all of us right there and then, making us think about why we are likely not able to achieve the greatness we are trying to reach for.

You may not agree with his methods, but this one is definitely worth checking out. Also check out his best seller book “The Best Advice In Six Words

4. Rethinking Failure – Barbara Corcoran

We all know Barbara from Shark Tank. This is an amazing video where Barbara rethinks the concept of failure. It’s been a while since I’ve seen this video, and while I’m adding this one to the list, I made sure to go back and rematch a few minutes of it. I got immediately reminded why I added this one to my bookmark folder. Barbara’s personal story is incredibly inspirational. Even a part of TED, I’ve read and watched a couple of her interviews and her story just makes me laugh each time. She’s such a badass and has continued to be in the course of her career.

If you haven’t heard of Barbara, I advise you to check out some of her personal interviews on Youtube, or even to watch the show “Shark Tank” where she acts as an investor hearing out entrepreneurs who are looking for support to back up their project. Shark Tank is also one of my favorite shows and inspires me each time I see entrepreneurs go up there and poor their harts out to the sharks, hoping their product is the next big thing. And a lot of times, you’ll see incredible products go by, which is also extremely motivational.

Also, feel free to check out Barbara’s best seller “Shark Tales – How I Turned $1000 Into A Billion Dollar Business“. I have personally read this book and absolutely loved it and recommend it to anyone who is serious about running a legitimate profitable business.

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5. My Philosophy For A Happy Life – Sam Berns

There are no words that can describe how breathtaking this video is. You’ll have to watch it for yourself and decide if it was worth spending your time watching it. To me, it gave me a completely refreshing new view on life. It’s also been a while since I’ve seen this video, but seeing the first few minutes again reminded me again how great Sam and view on life is.

6. Go With Your Gut Feeling – Magnus Walker

A simple passionate story about an English man in the U.S.. One of my favorite videos because I can relate to his story so well being a foreigner myself. Love this video and I’m sure you will too! Magnus is so humble and makes it seem like he was just going along for the ride, hitting all of these successful endeavors. It cracks me up when he mentions in the video that he bought a ticket to Detroit where he would be working at a camp and eventually just took a bus to Los Angeles.

Nowadays, it doesn’t work like that anymore. You’d be kicked out of the country right away if you would stay longer then you are allowed to. I’m extremely happy for him achieving his dreams and honestly, I hope I some day have a similar Porsche collection :-).

There you go. These are my 6 favorite TED talks that I keep in my bookmark folder and re-watch from time to time because they are just so good. Again, there are so many TED videos out there which I could get lost in for hours. If you like these videos, definitely check out their YouTube channel and let me know if you like any of their other videos.

There are so many more videos that I would want to add to this list, but I’d say these are the 6 that have meant the most to me during the past 2 years and have influenced my life in many ways.

What about you? Do you have any favorite TED Talk Videos?

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