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Welcome to “Viral Patch”, a site created out of the ashes of many numerous news/media projects.

Unlike other viral content sites, we strive to share relevant content worth going viral, rather than content that’s already going viral.

Many of the articles you read today are fluff pieces, showcasing a lady having her cat do backflips, or someone’s toddler doing a poor version of Benny And The Jets.

Knowledge is power, and power equals success.

That’s our motto here at Viral Patch, and thus we strive to provide you with knowledgeable content worth spreading, covering topics pertaining science, tech, health and of course entertainment.

While we absolutely love you took the time to read our about page, we kindly ask you that if you like our blog, and if you like our motto, you share our site’s content with others who you think would enjoy our site too.

Thank you and we hope you enjoy spending time here at Viral Patch.

“Patch in”, and enjoy the show!

“Patch /paCH/ verb 2.¬†connect by a temporary electrical, radio, or telephonic connection”.

-The Team.


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