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NiceTalk: Earn $2,400/Month Talking English To Chinese Students


NiceTalk: Earn $2,400/Month Talking English To Chinese Students

NiceTalk: Earn $2,400/Month Talking English To Chinese Students

What if I told you you could earn around $2,400 per month, simply by speaking English to Chinese students who are looking for an English tutor.

What Is NiceTalk? is an application that serves as a platform for English speakers to communicate and tutor Chinese students the English language, while earning some extra money.

Other people who’ve joined the service as educators say the app pays roughly $10/hour.

Now, $2,400/month is based on earning $10/hour for 8 hours straight, 30 days per month.

That seems a bit unrealistic as we definitely need to take breaks and enjoy our weekends, but if you are in immediate need of money, this could be a great way to go about it.

Even if you have a day job, you could still spend a few hours every day talking to foreigners about absolutely anything.

Tutors have shared that a lot of Chinese students barely know any English, while some are a bit more fluent.

Conversations are very basic and sometimes you’ll need to be a little patient when it comes to conversing.

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If you were to work with them every day for about 1 hour, you would approximately earn an extra $300/month.

In some cases, that’s a good amount of extra money!

I consider this to be another great opportunity to earn some extra cash!

The only downside is that the website/app is in Chinese, but once you’ve figured out how to navigate through their platform, it all works out.

I myself am even interested in using the service from time to time, not necessarily for the income, but mostly because I have been studying Chinese Mandarin for a few weeks now and I think it would be a great way to break through my educational barrier and start applying my lessons to the real world, in this case China.

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If you end up giving them a try, feel free to comment in the comment section down below on how your experience was with them or simple if you have any questions!

PS: Quite a lot of people have been asking what the application process is like. Due to lack of time I haven’t been able to create a complete guide, but I found a great resource that could help you guys get started. I’ll try and update this article with a simple application guide as soon as possible.

Also, there are two different version, where the Android version is in English and the iPhone version is in Chinese.

NiceTalk Tutor (iPhone/Android)

Application Guide:

This is not a sponsored post, simply another great and educative way to earn some extra money. 🙂

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